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There is no right or wrong back to create a cheese board! Plan to have around 2 to 4 oz of cheese per guest and incorporate some of your favorite or seasonal variety of fruits, nuts, breads, crackers, pickled items, and dips. Your cheese board really reflects the season and what you feel your guests would enjoy.

Cheese Board


  • 2 x 2oz Soft cheese (ex. Goat cheese or Brie)
  • 2 x 2oz Semi-firm cheese (ex. Aged Cheddar or Gouda)
  • 2 x 2oz Hard cheese (ex. Parmigiano or Pecorino)
  • 1 x 2oz Strong cheese (ex. Blue or Gorgonzola)
  • 2 x fruit (ex. Grapes, Figs, Strawberries)
  • 2 x Pickle (ex. Olives, Dill Pickles, Beets)
  • 2 x Dips (ex. Honey, Olive Oil, Chutney)
  • 2 x Nuts (ex. Almonds, Pecans)
  • 3 x Crackers or Bread
  • Fresh Herbs (ex. Rosemary, Basil) for garnish


  1. Cut cheeses into bite-size pieces
  2. Place other ingredients on board or serving tray, rotating items so there’s a contrast of colors and textures

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